Fire In the Soul

Fire In the Soul
"Fire In the Soul" From the Merka series in The Elves of the Woodland Realm

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Autumn Water Photo Shoot

Well, I think this is a record for me. I actually made it less than a year between blog posts, lol!

Not that I haven't been doing anything. As a matter of fact I have been SUPER busy. Too busy actually. So much so that I have decided to drop a few things. But more on that later. I wanted to get these images out there from my first in water photo shoot.

My goal with this shoot was 3 fold. 1. I wanted to do a shoot with sisters. 2. I wanted to do my version of a milk bath shoot and 3. I had new fairy crowns and necklaces I needed to photograph for my Etsy shop. I feel like I accomplished that.

I had done some research on milk baths and water shoots. Even though I like milk bath images, they are very popular which is not my thing. If it is trendy, I don't want to do it.
The first thing I did was purchased a kiddy pool, one that would fit 3 kids at the least. Then I had to figure out what I wanted to use to color the water. Since I knew I wanted a sort of Medieval, Lady of the Lake vibe, I wanted the water to look dark, like lake water. Since I do a lot of paper crafting and coffee/tea dying of paper and fabric, I figured, why not use coffee to tint the water. So, off to the grocery store I went to buy a couple of jars of instant coffee. I collected my coffee, my greenery and my grapevine from my stash and headed to the back yard.

I used stools and chairs, and whatever else I could find to hold the sides of the pool up until it was full of water since it wasn't a blowup pool.
Even though it was fall and the weather was warm, I figured the water would be cold. The girls weren't sure about doing this.

I set everything up the day before the shoot. I covered the water with a black tarp to keep bugs and junk out as well as hopefully warm the water some.

The water was freezing and the middle sister just couldn't do it. So I only got shots of the oldest and the youngest in the water. I did manage to get a shot of the 3 of them out of the water that turned out pretty good.

Here are the rest of the final images as well as some of the product shots. The behind the scenes images and product shots are shot with my iPhone.

Blue Jeweled Fairy Crown

Handmade Fairy Crown

Butterfly Fairy Crown

Fairy Necklace can be found here
Concept, all makeup, costumes, accessories, crowns and photography all done by me. I was fortunate to have my son and my mom helping me with the set up and actual shoot.

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