Fire In the Soul

Fire In the Soul
"Fire In the Soul" From the Merka series in The Elves of the Woodland Realm

Monday, January 12, 2015

Refining My Art Show/Boutique Set Up

Thing have been a little crazy around here. I have had multiple opportunities come up that I never thought would happen, but I will go into that later.

For now, at least for today I am working on refining my art show/ boutique set up. I have been invited to a very large bridal show in East Peoria this month. Since being here in Illinois, I have attended 3 shows total. I am also working on getting my items into local and non-local boutiques. I want to have a unique and beautiful display, so I am changing a few things up based on what I have learned so far...

This is a small section of my display from the last show I was at. I had lots of compliments and sales, which was a pleasant surprise as I was really just going to meet people and network. I found that having my mannequin heads raised worked to draw people in, but they are lightweight and wanted to fall over since they were top heavy with my head pieces.

I fixed that by carving out the inside of the neck space.

Filling the hole with plaster to add weight to the bottom.

Now they can have large or small headpieces and not fall over. 

I also wanted to add something to highlight certain pieces of my art jewelry. I found these beauties at Hobby Lobby and thought they would be perfect (I should have bought all they had!)

The frame boxed just needed a little tweeking. I wanted the inside to be black or chalkboard painted. I also considered putting moss in there. Since I couldn't decide, I just painted them black on the inside for now until I make up my mind. 

 I then added cup hook to hook the jewelry chains and ribbons on.

I just added 2 cup hooks since I am using these for statement pieces. Ta Da! Fab focal points for my display!

If you had a collection of smaller pendants or what-not you could use one hook per necklace and fit 5 or 6 in there. They are wood so if I decide to change the finish of them it will be easy to do. The finish on them is how they came. The glass on the inside has slides so the glass can be removed and replace if broken easily enough. 

I will do another post on the bridal show and post images of my booth display. Until then, happy creating...

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