Fire In the Soul

Fire In the Soul
"Fire In the Soul" From the Merka series in The Elves of the Woodland Realm

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bridal Guide Magazine & Wedding Trends

I was contacted by Bridal Guide Magazine in October of last year. They wanted to see some of my pieces to see if they would work for their March/April 2015 issue. Which was going to be new and different wedding ideas as the unconventional wedding is a trend for 2015. I received the final images of my piece that was chosen and the cover of the issue. I as super excited about it.

It isn't a big feature. But the idea that they liked my stuff and actually chose something of mint to use was just amazing to me. I know my clients have really enjoyed their handmade one of a kind pieces since I receive Etsy shop reviews like:

This headpiece exceeded my expectations. The artistry, color, and craftsmanship is exceptional. The designer went out of her way to custom make this item to meet my timeline. It arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I recommend this shop for anyone wishing to purchase stunning, custom headpieces. -Bobbie

Words like these just get to me. I am so grateful for my success. I never expected for anyone to notice my work. Apparently, it is getting noticed even in the UK. I am possibly going to be featured in a new online magazine by Wedding Planning Guilds- UK called Weddings, What's What. I will write about that later.

In the mean time, for those that are getting married this year and want something unique and off-beat, can offer custom head pieces, hair combs and clips, boutonnieres, centerpieces and more. All made to order for you. I recently did these pieces for a steampunk wedding in Canada.

The genres I like to work in are steampunk, neo-Victorian, woodland/fantasy, fairy tales and tribal fusion/bohemian.  Besides the trend with themes there are always color trends every season. This spring the Pantone colors are split into 2 choices, light/airy and aged/vintage-y, with Aquamarine being the top color choice.

I noticed when I was at this last bridal show that several brides I spoke with are going almost pastel if they weren't doing an unconventional themed wedding. Misty colors such as mint, soft grey, light aqua or lavender. If they were doing a themed wedding they would be going with navy blue, tangerine, and plum. Either way, it is nice to be seeing some new colors in the mix and that people want creative weddings. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Camera Upgrade

I have been wanting to upgrade my camera for the longest time. I really want to dive more into fine art fantasy portraiture. In order to do so my 9 year old Nikon D40x needed to be put to pasture. Yes, it is a fabulous camera and I will be keeping it for backup. However, the technology has come a long way and I need something that can capture crazy detail, I like to be able to count eyelashes.
I talked with my photographer friends, some pros and some amateurs, and decided to stick with Nikon. The consensus was that I needed to go with a camera that gave me what I wanted but could also afford. I went with the Nikon D610.

When I recieved it I was thrilled! I could use my existing lenses, it has video (not that I do video but just in case I decide to do YouTube videos or something) and I was fairly familiar with the menu set up. However, even with that I still feel like I am learning all over again! 

Like my other camera, it will take me some time to figure it out. But I am super happy with it so far and I love using it with my 50mm lens. 

I just need to find some more models and time to create! 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Snow Queen

I created a headpiece for myself and my husband for Halloween 2012. I was trying to use what I had for both of our costumes. I had white sheets and scrap fabrics, white faux fur, and my white gown from my handmade Princess Leia costume. So I figured we'd be the Winter King & Queen.

We had lots of compliments especially about our headgear. I really didn't want them to be hanging around the house so I photographed them and listed them in my Etsy shop. They both sold within 1 month! My husbands piece was created from sticks and moss from my backyard, and acrylic ice pieces. Mine was created with the same acrylic ice pieces, pearls, rhinestones, paint, glitter, and plastic bottles. That's right, plastic bottles. I'll show you how in a few...

Listing images for my Etsy shop

My crown was bought by a fashion photography in Canada, Paul Chmielowiec and photographed on Maegan from the Elmer Olson model management company. The images were chosen to be the focal point of the display window on the Humber Fashion Institute campus. This window display image was taken by photographer James Doiron.

They contacted me about recreating the icicles in the crown on a much larger scale to go with the window display. I hand sculpted 50, 4' and 5' long "icicles" from plexi-glass then painted and embellished them with glitter. 

Cutting the plexi into long thin sections.

Hand sculpting each piece.

Adding a bit of white paint.

I used Mod Podge with clear crystal glitter to add some sparkle and shine to each icycle.

Glitter on the icycle.

 There was a large group of people that participated in the install of the window display. Kim Rich was in charge and did a fantastic job. They created a video of the installation process.

 So much fun!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Refining My Art Show/Boutique Set Up

Thing have been a little crazy around here. I have had multiple opportunities come up that I never thought would happen, but I will go into that later.

For now, at least for today I am working on refining my art show/ boutique set up. I have been invited to a very large bridal show in East Peoria this month. Since being here in Illinois, I have attended 3 shows total. I am also working on getting my items into local and non-local boutiques. I want to have a unique and beautiful display, so I am changing a few things up based on what I have learned so far...

This is a small section of my display from the last show I was at. I had lots of compliments and sales, which was a pleasant surprise as I was really just going to meet people and network. I found that having my mannequin heads raised worked to draw people in, but they are lightweight and wanted to fall over since they were top heavy with my head pieces.

I fixed that by carving out the inside of the neck space.

Filling the hole with plaster to add weight to the bottom.

Now they can have large or small headpieces and not fall over. 

I also wanted to add something to highlight certain pieces of my art jewelry. I found these beauties at Hobby Lobby and thought they would be perfect (I should have bought all they had!)

The frame boxed just needed a little tweeking. I wanted the inside to be black or chalkboard painted. I also considered putting moss in there. Since I couldn't decide, I just painted them black on the inside for now until I make up my mind. 

 I then added cup hook to hook the jewelry chains and ribbons on.

I just added 2 cup hooks since I am using these for statement pieces. Ta Da! Fab focal points for my display!

If you had a collection of smaller pendants or what-not you could use one hook per necklace and fit 5 or 6 in there. They are wood so if I decide to change the finish of them it will be easy to do. The finish on them is how they came. The glass on the inside has slides so the glass can be removed and replace if broken easily enough. 

I will do another post on the bridal show and post images of my booth display. Until then, happy creating...