Fire In the Soul

Fire In the Soul
"Fire In the Soul" From the Merka series in The Elves of the Woodland Realm

Monday, May 5, 2014

A Peek at What's To Come.

I have been working like crazy doing all kinds of fun things. Everything from new products for Made Again, Atlanta like this fun piece:

The Secret Garden
And some new bridal pieces created from vintage brooches, like this beauty:
Wedding of the White Queen
Aaanndd, working on some mixed media piece for my own personal sanity, such as this work in progress:
Needless to say I have been a busy bee.
What I really wanted to show you is something
for my next photo shoot coming up very soon.
I have created a fairy! Well, I am nearly convinced
that one of my children is an actual fairy. Seriously.
Just not the one I am sing for these images.

Here is a look at the progress of her wings. I used 16 gauge galvanized steel wire to sculpt the wings. It's pretty light weight and stable. At least for the size wings I
am trying to create. Mind you, I haven't created wings like this before, so I am kind of winging it. No pun intended.

After getting the size and basic shape, I added details and veins using a smaller gauge wire. I wanted to have a natural look to the wings. Like a bug would have. I didn't want a "dress up" look to them. After I got them how I wanted them to look I painted them a mat black using spray paint. The used some thick iridescent cellophane and  silicone caulk for make the "membrane"
Before Being Painted
After Being Painted

Cellophane Ribbon
Silicone used as an adhesive

After the silicone dries I will trim it to the wire so it has a cleaner look. I just have to put the arm straps on and the decorative details, and they will be finished. 
I am super excited to do this session. I am making some other fabulous props and costume pieces. Follow along for more behind the scenes and how I create my images and products.

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